Sometimes I don’t even know why I keep up with this shit.

I spent all weekend feeling somewhat sorry for Billary, because let’s face it, there was some serious sexist shit going on in the last couple weeks, and I don’t approve of that crap.  But now the Clinton Political Gank Machine has seemingly won both Texas and Ohio. I didn’t feel THAT sorry for her, jerks!

Of course, McCain – one of the few GOP members I’ve ever admired, along with Arlen Specter – has finally made it to the nomination.  I guess things could be worse there, although I don’t like how he acts when he runs for president.  He tries to get all cozy with the GOP base, always an ugly and sycophantic display. At least I’m no longer having to deal with the possibility of having Romney in his place.

Now, I know Obama is not going to be, was NEVER going to be the hero everyone expects him to be.   Bill Clinton wasn’t.   Hell, JFK wasn’t either, and people remember him as if he was perfect.  However, I do feel that if anyone out there would at least make the attempt to restore our reputation internationally, it would be him, although maybe that’s not fair to Ms. Clinton. In a perfect world, I think she could do a decent job of that as well, but I also think that if Clinton makes it to the nomination, her diplomatic playbook is never even going to see the light of day, as she will be dealing with the GOP shitstorm that is coming her way.

I want Obama not because I believe all the hype (I don’t believe anyone is in politics who really holds onto their ideals for very long because of the nature of the game), but because he’s a relatively unknown figure, he’s extremely cool under pressure, and he seems to have good intentions.  I want to see a democrat in a position for once who isn’t playing to the lowest common denominator, who isn’t constantly triangulating to find the focus-group sweet-spot before making a policy choice. I also want someone who won’t be afraid to encourage another round of independent investigations after Bush leaves office – there’s still a great deal of harm to clean up even after W’s gone back to that f-ing ranch we saw so much of in Crawford, Texas.  Personally, I think Hillary Clinton is too calculating to take such a bold step.


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  1. 1 Anon March 20, 2008 at 6:12 am

    Dude, are you EVER going to post another entry?

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