The Problem with Democrats™

I was watching Joe Biden make his first really effective attack of John McCain earlier today, and although i was impressed by his delivery – he is really under-rated as a VP pick – it really reminded me to make a point about something that has been rolling around in me brainbox for a little while now: the awkwardness of the democratic oratory style. Although the delivery is mainly good-natured (especially as compared the current snarky Republican line of attack), Dems tend to single out all the finer points of shame – lack of healthcare, lack of wages, etc – and expect you to enjoy it. Just look at Joe Biden’s speech.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t walk around talking about how poor I am.  I’m not in denial about it or anything (see title of blog). I AM poor, and I am a Democrat, and I’m not ashamed to be poor because I lead a truly honest life in every sense of the word. But the fact remains that when I walk around in the daylit word, I don’t approach people on the streets and rattle off a list of my daily troubles.  It has been pointed out recently to me that the majority of the republican party is in the same position that I am in economically. Even though my gut-level concept image of a Republican involves three-piece Armani suits and great lizard-brained machismo, this turns out to be mostly mythology. So one wonders, why are so many poor white people Republican? I really do think a lot of people who might otherwise be Democrats are turned off by the pathos of our party.  I wouldn’t say I am turned off by it, but I do notice the distinct difference in the approach between the major parties.  Let’s face it: it’s a bit tacky to be told just how bad off you are, really, especially when you consider the messenger. (hint: most politician’s are NOT poor, although Biden is himself not rich.)

The one thing you CAN say positively about Republicans is this: they include you in their speeches about wealth and fortune.  They talk as if you too are rolling around in dough.  Is it disingenuous?  Completely, and I don’t buy it for a nanosecond, but let’s face it, a lot of people just want to be told everything is okay because it counts for a lot, somehow. I just think we’d have a much better brand as a party if we could somewhat skirt the melodrama and get back to the issues.

Put it this way: I think it’s completely illuminating that the one branch of the mass media in which liberalism has really taken root – and indeed is even watched by all parties – is the hour every day that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert do their thing.  It’s salient, honest, current, but above all else, it’s FUNNY.

Funny wins over drama any day in my book. And my book is dramatically funny.

p.s. Even poor little me just gave Barack Obama 25 bucks… now how bout you?


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