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McCain and the end of loyal dissent.

The last few days of campaign coverage have just been total rubbish, haven’t they? I mean, just so godawful bad I don’t even know what to do with myself lately. I’m not talking about the usual media garbage, I’m talking about McCain himself, or at least his staff.

Lipstickgate is a faked-up fiasco if I ever heard of one, unworthy of comment excepting derisive laughter; then almost simultaneously with that debacle of modern campaigning, McCain then releases an ad basically accusing Barack Obama of pedophilia.

You know, it’s bad enough I have to sit through work everyday listening about Barack’s “secret muslim agenda”, now I’m going to fend off the results of what could be one of the most blatant examples of assholery I have ever witnessed in all my years. I’d start screaming “SWIFTBOAT!” unceasingly, but fortunately, the latest round of McCain attack ads seem to have somewhat backfired on him. Not to the extent they should have – if Barack had done it, he’d already have been replaced by Clinton by now – but nonetheless he won’t get much traction with his new ads next week because of it.

I think, on the whole, Barack is about to make himself a tall glass of lemonade out of what has been a trying couple of weeks for him, and I can’t wait to see it. The media’s role throughout the whole season though really troubles me – I think there are reasons for both the right and left to be troubled – but if we can just get over the hump of the elections and get him in the white house, I’ll let it go for now.


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