And the wiener is.

Let’s put off the night’s studies, shall we?

How do you feel about Sarah Palin’s performance on the debate tonight?

My first thought was

“She fucking blew it!”

but then I had second thoughts, which consisted of

“My god what a fucking terribad performance that was!”

Finally, I remembered the low performance bar that had been set for her, and I ultimately came to the conclusion:

“Palin wins by landslide!”

But you know, even if she did score a C+ in tonight’s graded-on-a-20-point-curve debate, I am reminded of some sage advice I got when I first started getting involved with usenet in the early 90’s, which is really best expressed in picture form:

Just as big a winner as Sarah Palin.

Just as big a winner as Sarah Palin.

I’ll give it to you, my fine fundilicious friend: you may have won the debate once the media applies the grading curve.  On substance?  Never, not even close.  Not in your wildest.

So yeah, she’s a winner, in the sense that everyone who participates in Sport is a winner, or the that “The More You Know” sense that if you do your best, one day you too can achieve your dreams.

But as for me, my vote is unchanged and will remain so, barring any unforeseen scandals.

How about you?


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