Confused bleeding heart.

Must. Not. Sympathize.

Must. Not. Sympathize.

Well, it appears that for all intents and purposes, McCain’s campaign is now resembling something like a dying fish flopping around the edge of an inground pool:  even if it somehow makes it back in to the water, that fish is STILL GOING TO DIE.  I listened to a bit of Rush Limbaugh today, and I could really tell that the rose-colored-glasses were slipping down his nose a little bit there.  I mean, when the propaganda arm of a movement is unable to deny impending doom, I’d say things are getting fairly desperate.

I thought I would be happier than this.  I guess when push comes to shove, with regards to the election I’ll take a page from McCain himself in that I’d rather lose a election than win another eight years of bitter partisan battle, because I can already tell that the right is gearing up for just that.  I feel that at least some of us progressive democrats out there deserve a just victory after all these years of being essentially ostracized by the conservative movement (indeed, I’d say that since 1994, that has been a huge part of their agenda), and I’d rather win on the merits than on the shortcomings of one flawed Republican campaign.  I can already hear the criticism coming out of the the Redstate diaries:

Oh, you know he only won because McCain pulled his punches at the debates.

OMFG the Jurassic media were in the tank the whole time.  The AP is a bunch of hacks!

Etc, etc, ad infinitum.

I don’t like sitting on pins and needles the whole time either, but I’ll tell you what: if the third debate doesn’t mention Ayers, abortion, or immigration, I’ll have to agree, at least a little bit, with the Republicans that the media is taking it easy on Obama.  To be fair, most of the skewing of the debates is happening because we are facing some incredible problems with the economy.  And as happy as I am about how well the Democrats are doing with public perception on that score, I’m not happy about the verdict the conservative movement is going to impose on the media, thereby effectively crushing expectations of any sort of mandate that Obama can claim even if he does have the blowout performance people are currently expecting.

I don’t think there’s going to be any blowout, regardless of what the polls say now, so maybe this is all just a bunch of worry over nothing.  And, really, is there ANY sort of scenario that can be envisioned in which the Dems DON’T take heat from the GOP?  That, my friends, is doubtful.


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