Touch Typing advice?

Well I’ve discovered today that I have acquired some VERY bad habits when it comes to typing……namely, I’ve stopped looking at the screen and started looking at the keyboard.  I first noticed this recently as I lay in the bed doing blog posts at night.   I find myself bending the screen down a great deal so as to shed light on the keys…..not good.

I used to be better than this!    Ach.   Well, I’m gonna find a good program I can use to freshen up my touch typing skills, because I obviously need it.  I also noticed that I hardly ever use the third and fourth finger of my right hand, which is probably not so good for overall posture/speed.  However, THAT I can stand; it just sucks not to be able to type at a proper clip when the room is dark, since for me relative darkness is good for focusing on what I am writing and keeping out distractions.

Outcast unclean!

Outcast unclean!

Here is how well I can type when looking at the keyboard. – No need to explain, of course you want to sleep with me.

her is how well II can type wjhen not lookng!!!!11!! – NO neeed ot explian, of coiurse yo want to take me in for fyurther testing.

Seriously, I do wonder what the best program out there is though…..I remember using Mavis Beacon about ten years ago, but I’m not sure how great a teacher it is on the whole.  Seems to still be a best-seller though, so maybe I’ll look into it.


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