At the Risk of Sounding Grandiose.

I feel just fine living in a universe where, in fact, and at long last, it is finally just a little bit tacky to be a social conservative.

By the way, nothing against you good old fiscal conservatives; I can and do respect the attitude that it is better to save than to spend – this philosophy will come in very handy once the current crisis is over, although I do believe to some extent America will be forced to spend herself out of the mess we’ve made, and as for the rest of the planet – well, let’s just say it’s a bad time to have a manufacturing economy, and I wish China the best of luck, because that luck will be sorely needed.

Did I scoot off the track a bit?  Right: it is really overdue that in America it is suddenly OKAY to be a liberal again.  And you know, I’m not without criticism for some of Barack Obama’s half-measures lately (I’m not fond of John Brennan’s record, for one), but to some extent we (so far) have him to thank for this turn of the tide – not least because of the formidable cult of personality that he has developed over time.  There, I said it: if any clockwise-turning wingnut particularly cared what I thought, this would be proof positive that the liberals are reed-thin, wind-whipped players of politics as usual – and they, if such critics existed, would not be entirely wrong, because frankly, I fully acknowledge the influence that sensationalism has in our society today and as a result of that reality, partisan maneuvering can only be successful if it plays into the ridiculous high-school drama of who is cool and who is not.  I’m not necessarily happy with how the current dialog in this country has progressed/devolved, but nevertheless just nakedly happy that some Democrats have finally found a way to USE IT, because for quite a long time, the Democrats were the ones getting put perenially to pasture because of some sort of lame disconnect with mainstream society.

Well, tell you what – if Bush can be the Mister-Guy-We-Wanna-Have-a-Beer-With, then Barack can be my Magic Negro any day of the week, because at least he has the intellectual chops to fill that role, even if in the end this sort of penny theater will be the final nail in the coffin of -Honest Political Discourse-.

Er…those three words…are they supposed to go together like that?



2 Responses to “At the Risk of Sounding Grandiose.”

  1. 1 Tazeen February 2, 2009 at 1:25 am

    and is it not a wonderful feeling that finally it is considered uncool and politically incorrect (at least in some parts of the world) to be a social conservative.

  2. 2 bootsinowski February 3, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    i wish i could relate to that experience, but i am afraid in america it is still far too acceptable. good to hear that some folks are smarter than that.

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