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I think tonight might be a Michelob Night® because suddenly I feel as if there’s not much reason to rejoice, heartfelt and aplenty, this loveliest gift of sobriety that God hath wrought upon his greatest of works, which is of course the roundabout way I have of referring to myself. If only the beer store weren’t so far away, and if only this wasn’t South Carolina, and there were beer stores.

I heard a story on The NPR today, actually it was that show with Tom Ashbrook.  Tom was having a rather settled-down but still interesting argument with some people about the advantages and disadvantages of using Adderral and Ritalin to make it through work and school life.  It struck me as really kind of retarded that it’s okay to talk openly about using prescription drugs for totally off-label uses, but there’s still no real argument, or at least a rational discussion, regarding the sense or non-sense of Our Bigtime War On The Drugs and Drug-People, Places and Things. I mean, how and why is it any more acceptable to use a ill-gotten substance, as long as it’s for personal profit instead of fun?  Is there a noble rationale for drug abuse?  If so, sign me up for the Cocaine and Xanax Snort-a-thon for Cancer; with your pledge I swear we will make cancer a thing of the past……we”ll need to to make room for all the junkies.

But my point is, Adderral is a stimulant, and it is addictive.  I’ve taken it before fairly recently, and frankly I was immediately put in mind of some of the stuff I did in college.  It’s perhaps more subtle, but because it’s easier to tolerate I feel that could make it easier to abuse in the long term.  Some of this stuff is psychotropic as well.

My gripe is not with the people who use this stuff to get ahead.  It with the people who taught them that GETTING AHEAD IS REALLY THAT IMPORTANT.  Sometimes I wish for great things for myself (not possessions so much as the ability to go places and do things that only having lots of money really affords) but I have never sat down and puzzled out excuses for why I need to score drugs to be able to pass a class, or meet a deadline, or anything else.  I sorta feel sorry for people who do, because I reckon they are never really going to be able to get to where they are headed without some serious self-examination at some point in the future.


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