Getting a little farther along.

listen to it here

By George, Mike, Jove and the rest, I think I could get into this again.  Tasty fun!


o life!  what a life i have lived

all the finest hours

and your clean, clean lace scarf wrapped round

all your finest clothes got worn

but worn down


The vocals on the intro have been re-recorded (the first ones were sloppy, as I was a little tipsy at the time), and of course the verse is new.

It’s just the first verse, and all I’ve got so far.  There will not be a chorus as such, but there may be a little bridge-like structure in there somewhere in the future: I can sort of hear it already but we’ll see how it goes. I think it’s going to end up being partly about my wife and partly about being poor/whatever we consider ourselves to be at this time of our lives (and of course, partly just pure fiction – I try not to take this stuff too seriously).  The poor are not expected to speak of such things in mixed company, as we know, and we will not start muddying the fine waters of our discourse now.

But, you know: making ends meet, but maybe wanting more than that, but maybe not wanting to lose simplicity at the same time.  I work for people who have lots of money; I see how far they feel they have to bend over backwards to maintain it.  I don’t know that I want that.  I want the right to purchase the means to worry less. I feel I deserve less worrying.  I’ve been through hell, in a way, though no one can ever know it but me.  But that’s another post, and a long one.

I think I’ll end up trimming some of the intro, because it’s 2 minutes long on its own.  The words are shaping up well, and the lyrics are coming very organically too, almost driven up out of need for the next note in the song, which is how you want things like that to be.

What’s the process like?  Well, it is still not easy to get from a workable idea to even a rough-draft version on digital, as I am still so preoccupied with getting over the jitters of doing this for posterity and all the nervousness that goes along with that, but I am getting the hang of the Ableton program a little bit better now.  We have this thing in recording called “punching in”, which makes it easy to re-do stuff that sounds crappy the first time around; well, for me “punching in” still consists of “doing the whole part over again”, as I really have no idea how to make punching in work for me.

Anybody ever hear of using a foot pedal to start and end the punching in process?  *crickets*

That reminds me: I need to join some kind of newbie recording forum.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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