Biography lends to death a new terror.

Oscar Wilde, today.  Please note, I am not a quotation aficionado.  I know a few and I have had occasion to flaunt them, but that’s not why I post them.  I post them because 9 out of 10 times what keeps me from posting an update on this blog is the fact that I find it difficult to come up with catchy titles for my new entries.  So instead I tie it up with a pithy quote, sometimes salient, sometimes just clever on its own, and the motivation here is maybe it’ll keep me from getting too discouraged to post.  That is the notion I’ve had, anyway.

*plants tongue firmly back in cheek*

Now, what I know you’ve all been waiting for:

more red meat for all you crazy fans out there.

Please don’t think I’m putting this stuff out there because I think it is good.  Because clearly, we all know this track is TEH SUCK.  BUT, and this is a but bigger than yer mom’s,  in my opinion it’s worth posting just because I think it will be neat to sort of go through all this stuff years from now and see how these songs have evolved.  Because yeah, this track is shitty, but I love the bassoon part in it and will be keeping it to use in something or other.  Also, speed the drums up a little bit and you’ve got the makings of a good danceable r&b-type of pop song.   It may not ever end up in anything at all, but hey it was fifteen minutes of my life that I can’t get back so by Gracie I might as well be proud of it.  Anyway, the process of recording music is what scares me so I feel like it might be good to do it out in the open like this, even if no-one actually is listening. (Though if you are, I thank you for it.)  But is it just me or does this song sound a cross between video game music, chamber music from the 17th century, and some lost theme from Beverly Hills Cop?  I think some of these instruments aren’t supposed to go together like that.

Enough of that shit.  I sound like a janitor explaining why Lysol is preferable to Mr Clean.   Who gives a flying fuck? I mean, does it get the shit up off the toilets or don’t it?

Now, stay tuned kids!, and we’ll be releasing details of our new contest.  Enter to win and you JUST MIGHT get to HAVE TEA WITH JASON or something else CALMLY MEMORABLE like that.



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