Should Be In The Bed

Gotta get up at 6-ish, but wanted to drop off this latest iteration of the new song with the new pickup in use.

Very little going on with it as yet.  Took out some of the more ridiculous reverb from the guitar, and added a bassline, though it’s done with a guitar instead.  (I don’t have a bass.)  For some reason I kept freaking out about the bassline, I knew what I wanted it to sound like but just could not make it happen to my satisfaction.  Finally, I just said screw it all and let it happen as it wanted, added some drums, and in the end, it sounded okay, though the dynamics are all kinds of funked up.  Oh well…I’m kinda going with the assumption that once I get some real skill with recording, I’m probably going to redo all this stuff anyway.  Very little in the way of vocals yet but I added a little flash of something to show where the chorus will be once this thing gets going proper.

I keep wanting to revisit some of my older stuff – some of it seems kinda trite now that the nineties are done with, but some still impresses me. I’d like to re-record it now that I have some better equipment (I’m liking this new pickup and of course the microphone couldn’t be better), but I don’t know, I keep thinking that since I’m gonna re-do all this new stuff after I get some knowledge, I might as well wait for that time to come along, so I don’t have to re-do what I just re-did.  Do you re-get what I’m saying?

Nighty-night, my imaginary hangers-on.


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