Thanks be to my indispensible common sense, for marrying a woman wiser than me.

Got my new Martin Gold Plus pickup installed and returned to me today.  Yeah, same day!  Grand total of $54 dollars to install it, versus the $135 I got quoted from the other guys.  Thanks to my wife, for making me call somewhere else first.  One day turnaround too:  man, I should have called these guys first.  Oh well, at least I can show them some love by linking to them.

Anyway, as it turns out, I like the new sound, but I’m missing some low-end which I assume is because my levels are terrible (and indeed I am actually a victim of music production mental retardation, so it appears), or maybe because my Fishman pre-amp is EQ’ed wrong.  I don’t know, there’s just some much that can go wrong with a sound.  This is why I just like picking up a simple acoustic instrument, and why I gave up on my 1992 Les Paul Studio some time ago.  (Does that mean he sold it?  HELL NO, he just neglects it for now.)

So you can hear what the pickup sounds like here if you give a hoot. It’s a just a simple one guitar track with reverb that I am tweaking as I go. A breakthrough as well: I finally figured out how to play properly with “effects automation” in Ableton 8.  This means I can now play a track, then go behind the track and layer in your chorus, reverb or whatever else, while adjusting the levels in real-time as you go, sorta like you see on TV with the big studio mixers.  Well, figuring this out is going to make stuff a whole lot easier on my mind, I think.  I really just have to keep trucking with this stuff.  I’m not a fish, and this is not a big pail of water, but I’m getting the hang of it nevertheless.   It’s funny how certain inclinations like musicality don’t really translate into production side of things: it’s still a kind of creativity, but a different, slightly more nitpicky kind, which also has it’s own set of satisfactions to go along with.

Boy, it’s getting late, at 1:26a.m. here in Augusta, GA.  I’d better head off to finish the last twenty pages of Blood Meridian, and then to bed.

G’night Johnboy.


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