A Man Alone and Brave While the Sun Shines

Well, here’s more of the song, got plenty of words to work with (though I’m not sure if they are lame or not)


here are the (somewhat still experimental) lyrics:


oh sing you like your time hasn’t come
your querelous heart keeping time like a drum
all good thoughts but no permission to become
your yawning heart forever waking up numb

hey, to meet you like this today
on your knees look up & pray for strength
nose was bleeding hands were pleading
“just let me live”
to forget you if not to forgive


the yellow sun rises
& the green grass grows
my gray heart warms
(you know my face is my best disguise)

i don’t follow surprises
they only lead to more shadows
even white clouds bring storms
(we all get water in our eyes)


oh yeah it’s a bug’s life, aye, aye
but he was a hell of a guy
said here’s a glassful in yer eye
i’d rather still live than die

no problem to come to harm
like the killing of sheep on a farm
his body was white and still warm
so like sleep his reclining form

So as you may or may not recognize, this is somewhat of a new song type for me, and as always after I do some stuff to a song, I wonder if it led to anything good.  Obviously the chorus is only half-complete, there’s still 4 bars of nothing left to fill in with words or FA SOL LAs or something.  The main thing that bothers me is that the mix is atrocious, and this is one of those things that I just still haven’t really figured out yet.  One of the big challenges that I see still before me is getting the vocal and instrument mix to be the same in between sessions.  All the equipment has to be stowed away during the day – my kids, particularly the littlest one, would just trash this stuff in no time flat, so I’m left with coming up with some kind of way to keep the levels the same when I hook everything back up.  You would think that would be easy, but really, it’s quite a chore to make sure the microphone is X inches away from the chair, it’s level is set at XX, and my Fishman pre-amp also gets completely screwed up in between sessions too.  Well, I’ve only just begun to soil my reputation, I guess, so maybe I can figure out a way to make it work.

I think that’s going to be enough for today though. I’ll be watching The Wrestler on DVD, then just might finish off the bottle of Jack Daniels I see before me, and then I’ll probably wrap it all up with a new book to start reading.  That in itself is going to take a good half an hour to decide.  I actually hate that little period in between books. I love to read and wouldn’t be who I am without picking up another book, but since I’m sort of going through an intimidating series of modern authors such as Cormac McCarthy, Gene Wolfe, and Hemingway right now I’m still going through this sort of hesitation before I jump in and tackle the next story. A sense of dread and a small worry that the next book is going to go right over my head.

Well then, why not just stick to Orson Scott Card or Bernard Cornwell or, god forbid, Dan Brown or Michael Crichton?  Yeah, I’m not gonna tell you that I’ve read my last supermarket special by any means, but I’ve just sort of had my fill of them lately, and while there are some very good contemporary authors out there, it can be hard and very expensive to find your way to the really good stuff.  So I’m stuck on the classics for now.

I guess that about covers it.


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