Oldie but Goodie

I took some old background tracks that I had made in the studio several years ago and finally added some vocals to it.  In the process of doing so, I think I might be onto something good with what was once a very traditional-sounding sort of one-man song.  Love me some vocal overdubs!

The name of the song is Require, like ta hear it?, here it go. I have the lyrics somewhere, but basically they’re based on a scene from Othello.

Yeah, the bass is a little out of control at the end.  I guess I’m just gonna have no choice but to re-record the instrumentation, because that is the whole problem with it.  I’d added compression and other things to make it fit in, and it does help, but mixing each instrument individually would really help.  Right now, all you can do is turn down the low end of the EQ right there.  I’ll work on it some more tomorrow.  Right now I’m just happy with the harmonies, my sensibilities have really changed a bit from ten years ago.  And in a good way, dammit.

I’m old, I’m tired, and there are wolves after me. Time for bed.


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