I LIKE IT AGAIN, part two of a two-part epic struggle.

So after wrestling with the lead guitar for awhile I decided, “hey who needs lead guitar anyway?”, and just added a new bassline to my song instead.  *edit:  OK, I finally added a small lead part at the end, nothing special but enough to give it a bit of flare at the end.  I just updated the mp3 file here at this post, so you might need to download it again if you were quick on the draw.*

I think it’s just about finished, so give it a listen. I really like the bassline, although it also pisses me off at the same time: if I had a MIDI keyboard, I’d be able to hit the next octave down, which would make it groove better, but I only get to play one octave at a time since I’m still using my PC keyboard to make the upright bass sounds. Apart from that, though, I’m really jazzed about how REAL the bass sounds to me.  I mean, it’s getting to the point at which even if you tell me it’s MIDI, I have a hard time verifying that for myself.  The samples are getting really good, and there’s a nice variation of sounds that fool you into believing that it’s a real instrument.

More than any of the other songs I’ve done this month, I believe this one is a really neat way to show the evolution of a song.  My first upload to the blog was just a simple guitar part and one voice.  Then came the other voices and the rest of the verses.  And now finally, we get all the tertiary instrumentation, which can really make or break a song.  So you get the full treatment of a song, or at least you get MY treatment of a song, which I suspect though is much the same the world over.   As last time, I come away from the experience feeling both very good to have accomplished something, while at the same time feeling sort of unworthy of the technical side of recording.  I just know there’s so much I am missing: EQ, wise use of compression, gating….all stuff that might make this music sound even better, but it’s all still Greek to me thus far.

I did manage to locate a set of tutorial videos for Ableton 7.  I’m using version 8 but much of it should still be perfectly relevant, so I think it’s time to dig down into those and see what I am missing.  Here’s the thing though: I found out (much too late) that Ableton is really geared more towards DJs and live production people, and thus, much of the tutorial videos have to do with making techno music.  All of which is great, because I definitely plan on trying some of that stuff out, but a simple guitarist like me really needs to know more about acoustic live recording, and unfortunately I’m such a n00b that even the simplest prerequisites are flying right over my head.

Well that was something.

If God could grant me one wish, it would be to spend more time with you.


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