With apologies to Seth

It’s all just a ruse.

My old friend Seth, who is also very good at singing words and playing sounds, and who I haven’t personally seen in well over seven or eight years or so, has a bunch of demos out there in the ether, and one of them came my way recently, which of course I have jabbered about before.  I had been impressed with several songs I’d heard and decided that one day I’d screw it all up by doing one of those long-distance collaborative things that we so commonly hear about in this Age of the Internet.  Well I finally got around to it this evening, and I’m pleased with the results, although objectively I’m not entirely sure whether I’ve made it better or worse, or just different.

But yes, it was was fun, and part of me is still extremely awe-struck that one in this day and aforementioned age is able to make music with someone from miles away, and have it sound this clear.  There is just so much we can do now with computers; it truly is a mind-boggling realization, if you take a moment to catalog all the small changes that have accumulated in the past decade.


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