Poetic Champions Compose

Right now I’ve hit a bit of a hump as far as music goes.  I’m working on two at the moment, and I’m so far not really liking the progress of either.  So I’ll keep doing a bit here and there and eventually decide whether or not it was worth it.  I’ll post them either way of course.

My wife and both kids are all out of town this week; you’d think I would be flipping out over it, because I always complain I get no time to do my own seminal brand of kick-ass music, but as I kinda figured, Kick-Ass Music (hereafter KAM) doesn’t give a shit if you have time or not.  KAM rains down like mana from heaven, and you better just take KAM when you can get KAM.  Like, right now, KAM is just misting and teasing me with its promises.  OK, I know the deal, KAM:  You’ll be here when you get here, and not one second sooner!  😐

And I do miss my family, although I’m doing my best to be naughty and do all the things I should do when they are gone.    Right now, I’m drinking something called Four LOKO, which is like some kind of wine cooler with taurine and ginseng mixed with cough syrup.  See there?, not much chance of me drinking that on a regular day (or any other day after today, either).  I poured it out into a pint glass and immediately got the runs.  No, I didn’t, but it was bad (yes, yes I did). So anyway I’m drinking this stuff come Hell, high-water, or really bad headache.  You know why?  Because I’m pretending to be a bad-ass bachelor, Mofuggers.  This ain’t even an act, Jones, I feel like one seriously badical dude.

So, just as soon as I finish writing into my diary, I’m a hop all over that shit.


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