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Jason equals WISE WINNER.

Well, what do you know, my impressive run of ebay luck has held on for another day.  I won the MIDI keyboard that I had bid on two days ago!, and didn’t have to fight for it or even bid a second time.  For some reason, this happens to me all the time.  Is it just luck, or do I have knack for picking the right merchants? I think it might bea bit of both, but I’ll tell you what my personal rules are for bidding, and you be the judge:

1. Always bid on merch from real people as opposed to power sellers.  Real people don’t get the same kind of search placement as the power sellers do.

2. Always bid on actual auctions, as opposed to Best Offers.  It doesn’t help you win but it does help you get a better price.

3. Commit to one maximum bid and do not be dissuaded by bid snipers.  If you lose it, there’s always something better on the way.

4. Bid on auctions that end on odd days, like Tuesdays or Thursdays, and at odd hours (odd being relative of course, for Eastern Standard Time).  Most bidders are on EST and most will be able to keep up with bidding on weekend evening hours.  I’ve gotten a lot of wins this way.

The great thing is that the inverse of these rules are also great tips if you’re selling.

Will post some good old “new toy porn” as soon as it arrives!


Thought Experiment

If we’re sitting on my front porch, and I yell at you, can you have me arrested for that?

Because apparently it’s okay as long as you are a cop.  I am of course referring to the Skip Gates arrest of earlier this week, which has now been combed over, obsessed on, and generally misregarded by everyone on up to and including President, though personally I believe he should have probably stayed out of it.

The racial element to this story might as well be fictional for all the evidence we have: it’s simply one man’s word against another, and both have much at stake here.  No, what really bothers me is that cops today are given so much damned leeway to arrest citizens that it’s gotten to the point that whenever I walk past a police officer on the street, I get nervous for no reason at all.  Times past, I did not feel that way about policemen.   But think about it:  it’s your fucking house!  You just showed your ID to a cop who barged in your front door, and so now you’re pissed.  You have two choices: keep that tail between your legs and feel ashamed about doing so later, or assert yourself in the only place on earth where you are supposed to have sovereignty:  your fucking castle.

Skip Gates may or may not be right when he says that the whole thing was motivated by race – I actually have some doubt about that.  What I don’t doubt is that this cop is a gonna be a prick, no matter what color you might be.

In which I say “Hi there” as if I were Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington

So I took this quasi-legal herbal tea called Kratom just now, and so far I am pleased with it.  If you’re looking for a way to unwind without the head-smashiness associated with alcohol, but a lot of the same sort of mood enhancement positives, Kratom is a good thing to try.  You can get it on the internet by the gram, starting at about 8 bucks per serving (2g).  I just tried one for the heck of it, and it’s very affordable versus the cost of booze.  And supposedly it lasts several hours, so it might even be a better buy than plain old beer.  Of course, there’s nothing like a good old Dr. Dewars or a Jack and Coke, but still, a man must occasionally reach for the stars, I say!

Anyway, now the big news: I put in a bid for an auction for this little beauty:

Awwwwwwwwwww   yeah.  Love!

Awwwwwwwwwww yeah. Love!

It is a MIDI keyboard, the exact sort of thing I’ve been looking for, except that it’s even better because they released a whole new generation of MIDI controllers while I was sitting here poor.  m-Audio makes it, it’s called an Axiom Pro.  It’s the mid-range model; you can get one new from about $450 with shipping.  We’ll see what happens with the auction, because i can’t really justify such a great expense, even though I have been such a frugal kid lately.

I hope I am lucky enough to snag it, though, as I have really been jonesing to get back into this music scene, but I have been nothing but frustrated by my lack of a MIDI controller (besides my QWERTY controller, that is).  We’ll see in about 30 hours.

A study on summer doldrums, part one of a billion.

Hey there.

I must confess:  I got nothin’.  Musically, and pretty much all around.  I don’t know what’s what.  I’ve got some musical ideas rolling around up in my head and I’ve picked up the guitar here and there.  I’m not dead out of ideas but I’m just not getting a lot of time lately to set them down.  And also, not a lot of money to spend on liquor, which must be said is a pretty good muse for a Nervous Nellie like myself when trying to sing into a microphone that forgives not the slightest mistake.

Another thing is this, and I’m really ticked off about it: when I get stressed out, music just sucks.  Mine, yours… the whole thing is just an exercise in idiocy and I want no part of it.  The merciless part of me takes over and says, “what the fuck can you do with musical talent?”  And this makes me upset even now to think about it.  I mean, in computers, you can do a lot: there are many many fields of study and application to choose from.  In music, you can perform for money, you can compose for money, or you can teach for money.  Teaching is something I may in fact do one day when I have a proper house-like abode in which to host students, but for now it’s not going to work.  Performing is something I may do occasionally for shits and giggles but I don’t want to live the life of a gypsy, as romantic as it seems to some.  To me it seems like a crappy life.  And God knows you can’t make a living selling albums anymore.  So what’s left?  Composition?

Alright, so what’s the angle?  I so far have composed a handful of nice folksy tunes, some weirdo fake-psychedelic stuff, and some flaky techno that I’m too embarrassed about to even put on this here blog (and you all know my standards are, like, not incredibly stringent, ahem).  & What do people make money composing for nowadays, anyway?  Movies and video games, I guess, along with the occasional notable Volkswagen commercial. Well, I’m all for that, sign me up…..except I don’t know a soul in ANY creative field.  I’m just your standard lower middle-class peon from Augusta, GA, one with maybe the slightest amount of brain-power which so far has been of little use or note even to myself, as I’ve let go of my world-class ego a long time ago.  I guess I just need to reach out somehow, meet some folks in the business, even if only online.   I thought having a blog with a musical dimension would do that trick for me, but as it turns out, as usual I’m late to the party.  To be honest, I just don’t really even know how to promote a blog anyway, and don’t feel right plugging it in other people’s blogs, because it just seems like a semi-evil thing to do.

Melancholy.  Ennui.  Woe!  Dark and troubling, these storms of the soul!  Egads, this is pathetic.  Like all my incredibly positive and uplifting songs say, of course I’m going to end up so happy, famous, & remarkably financially comfortable – although I’d sooner give away my income than have anyone be able to accuse me of being rich.  But that’ll be okay because after all, I could have been rich, if only I wasn’t so awesome.

This has been another episode of Jason’s Emotional Seesaw; do tune in again, as next time I plan on flipping you off and then telling you I love you.

Shaddup and gimme some music.

Well, I hear you.  But I have no music.  I’m dry.  DRY!

As a dead fish in the desert.  As a drunk in solitary.  As a dryness metaphor when I’m all out of metaphors for dryness.

So, why does that happen?  Wish I knew.  Just does, and you gotta go with it.  Actually you can muscle out of it if you really want to, but well, we’re talking about me here.  Not much musclin’ goin’ on ’round these parts.

I got sick a week or so ago, that’s part of it.   Man it was bad too, I was basically laid out for two and a half days, with the usual stomach problem. Getting a bit needlessly paranoid concerned about the possbility of Crohn’s or some other chronic thing, but for now it’s gone again, so that’s good.  Still no music though.

I know what it is.  I need to get back to studying my computery stuff.  It’s probably that guilt thing again. Yep.

So, uh.  Just wait.  The next post will be filled with melody; I’ll probably have a rock opera ready about writer’s block or somethin’.  I promise it won’t be tacky or anything.  So until then.

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