Thought Experiment

If we’re sitting on my front porch, and I yell at you, can you have me arrested for that?

Because apparently it’s okay as long as you are a cop.  I am of course referring to the Skip Gates arrest of earlier this week, which has now been combed over, obsessed on, and generally misregarded by everyone on up to and including President, though personally I believe he should have probably stayed out of it.

The racial element to this story might as well be fictional for all the evidence we have: it’s simply one man’s word against another, and both have much at stake here.  No, what really bothers me is that cops today are given so much damned leeway to arrest citizens that it’s gotten to the point that whenever I walk past a police officer on the street, I get nervous for no reason at all.  Times past, I did not feel that way about policemen.   But think about it:  it’s your fucking house!  You just showed your ID to a cop who barged in your front door, and so now you’re pissed.  You have two choices: keep that tail between your legs and feel ashamed about doing so later, or assert yourself in the only place on earth where you are supposed to have sovereignty:  your fucking castle.

Skip Gates may or may not be right when he says that the whole thing was motivated by race – I actually have some doubt about that.  What I don’t doubt is that this cop is a gonna be a prick, no matter what color you might be.


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