Jason equals WISE WINNER.

Well, what do you know, my impressive run of ebay luck has held on for another day.  I won the MIDI keyboard that I had bid on two days ago!, and didn’t have to fight for it or even bid a second time.  For some reason, this happens to me all the time.  Is it just luck, or do I have knack for picking the right merchants? I think it might bea bit of both, but I’ll tell you what my personal rules are for bidding, and you be the judge:

1. Always bid on merch from real people as opposed to power sellers.  Real people don’t get the same kind of search placement as the power sellers do.

2. Always bid on actual auctions, as opposed to Best Offers.  It doesn’t help you win but it does help you get a better price.

3. Commit to one maximum bid and do not be dissuaded by bid snipers.  If you lose it, there’s always something better on the way.

4. Bid on auctions that end on odd days, like Tuesdays or Thursdays, and at odd hours (odd being relative of course, for Eastern Standard Time).  Most bidders are on EST and most will be able to keep up with bidding on weekend evening hours.  I’ve gotten a lot of wins this way.

The great thing is that the inverse of these rules are also great tips if you’re selling.

Will post some good old “new toy porn” as soon as it arrives!


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