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I don’t get tough with anyone, Mr. Gittes. My lawyer does.

So THE MAN finally caught up to Roman Polanski today.

Erm….yay?  I don’t know.  What can I say, the guy directed Chinatown, one of my very favorite movies EVER.  Needless to say, I thought it could have ended better for him, but now that chance is gone.

I generally tend to lean towards advocacy of the victim’s wishes, and in this case it would seem the victim would prefer to just let go of the whole thing. I respect that, and could very well see wanting the same thing myself after so many years. That said, he should still get the book thrown at him for fleeing. He’s going to have good representation, so I somehow doubt that he will end up in jail for long, if at all, but you can’t just ignore the fact that he purposefully and willingly bit his thumb at our justice system (& whatever the reason may be will surely be explained, as he will have his day in court).

And I say this as a very big fan of his work and in full recognition of his importance as an artist. I saw the HBO special on him, and although I can see some mitigating factors here, I came out of it wishing that he would just turn himself in and be done with it. Now he just gets to do the perp walk and perhaps ruin his legacy (though I doubt it, he’s still a brilliant director, and this IS hollywood, after all.)


Tales from Reddit / topic: what’s been the scariest moment of your life?

I had two stories.  This is one I’ll share here:

(posted 25 days ago)

adulthood scary stuff:

2002: new son, soon-to-be-new wife, very new life, living it up in the hills of WV. poor but proud and having a good time shortly after 9/11.

me and the wife make some really good chili (ok so mostly it’s her deal, but I’ve been known to eat the hell out of it), and we decided to do a batch for that night. anyway, my ten-month old toddler of a son decides he would like to help, but of course, that’s not a good thing for baby to do. this led to me picking up baby several times by the armpits and sending him on his merry way out of the room.

well, the chili is a done deal, hot and boiling, dinner is being served. i had my hands on the soup bowls, and my wife was pouring out sweet tea, and neither one of us was able to drop everything in time to stop our one-year-old from pulling a really large bowl of the almost boiling chili on top of himself.

i was able to deflect the container a bit as it dropped so it (just barely) missed his face and upper body, but a good liter or so soaked his arm up to the shoulder and as i snatched him up (probably too roughly) i could literally feel the first few layers of skin on his arm just immediately start to peel off in my fist. we dropped everything, stood him in the shower for a few minutes and as his arms just continued to bubble and peel we decided finally that it would be better to just hop in the car than to wait for an ambulance to arrive. so that’s what we did, we drove down there with our hazards on, and with absolutely no concern for any traffic laws or consequences thereof.

of course he is fine now, reddit.  don’t you worry. he’s even got a cool scar to show for it, though now of course it is pathetically small. but that moment when it happened, it was breath-taking, and i’m wise enough to know what could have happened had it hit him full-force on the chest or face. so you have to be grateful, even when tragic things happen, because those things, bad as they are, could always be more tragic.

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