re: Obama’s Nobel

We’ve let the right run the narrative for far too long, and the upshot is that we on the left now have to defend the selection of a few Scandanavians, whose collective hearts were certainly in the right place, if not necessarily their minds.  (I’m not saying, however, that it was a completely unwarranted choice.  If you follow the foreign policy steps Obama has taken lately – which admittedly doesn’t make for great headlines , hence the lack of coverage in the US media – you can’t be too surpsied by this decision.)  Like I said in another thread on another website, this just makes it all crystal clear to me whose side I’m on and who I choose to support.  I hope this event speaks to others in the same way.  You don’t even have to agree with the selection of Obama to see that the right is in full-on flame mode, and be completely and utterly ashamed of them for it.

Until they show some class again, I’m through with giving the right the benefit of the doubt.  Partisan mode, engage!

Further, and not necessarily to our benefit as a country engaged in a debate with itself, it also speaks volumes to me about the stance of the rest of the western world.  I used to honestly wonder what fresh hell would be brought by seeing this country polarize itself into complete chaos, and the response to this event has given me a nice taste of the things to come.  I just hope the Secret Service is has their game faces on, because I think they are going to have their work cut out for them from here on out.


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