I wanted to find a cool quote about persistence, but I gave up.

So, Dragon Age is done.  Seventy hours over about three weeks, and it’s finally over.  I have to say, it was a great game, I recommend it if you know what you are getting into, but it’s a long game, and if you are a completist like me, you are going to want to keep on truckin’ til you’ve gotten your mitts on every last piece of loot in the game…and believe me when I say this: there’s a lot of loot.

Oh hold up, you think I’m posting this to gloat about how tenaciously I labored through a feckin’ video game, don’t you?  Well, Mr. Fancy Pants adult-like person, that’s not it at all.  I’m actually relieved that game is over, because my reward for completing the game was that I would immediately fall back into line, finish up my University application, and study up to take my final MCSA test.  Sorry, did I say reward?  I meant “reward”:

Ironic Eyebrow in Effect

Ironic Eyebrow in Effect

Now that my time in the game is over, I actually did what I said I was going to do: I put in my University app, and I bought the official Microsoft Press study guide so that I could get some studying done at work and leave the book there.

What else has been going on is a lot of work on the personal front: primarily, a new diet and exercise regime that is slowly but surely killing my soul leading me to good looks, fitness, and a new happiness that I never thought possible. Thanks be to Richard Simmons (for he is mighty indeed!), I have managed to lose more than 25 pounds and I actually am in much better shape than I’ve been in years.

“Two free internets to you, good sir” I hear you say, “But how do you manage all this bad-ass progress without spontaneously shattering the egos of everyone you meet?”

And, you know, I really have no answer to that.

So things are going well.  My wife might be getting gainfully employed soon, I’m going back to school (still not entirely trusting that possibility, since I still currently have no way to pay for it), and my ass looks better than it has in years, darlings.

One little thing that happened which was not so great (if indirectly) was that my neighbors got their Christmas stash stolen, along with a new computer and some other swag that was dear to them.  Fortunately, I was able (and more than willing, as it was a particularly slow day at work that day) to do a couple of things to help them out.  For one, I knew a way to get in touch with one of our local TV reporters by the name of Barclay Bishop, and they did a great little story on their plight, so hopefully they will be able to salvage some kind of holiday out of the mess that currently exists.  Here is that story, if you care to see it.

The other thing is that I was able  to get them a replacement PC, thanks to luck and my boss, who kinda pleasantly surprised me by being very cool about the whole thing.  It’s used, but not a bad beater system overall, and anyway, one can’t be without a computer these days.  One thing which is weird is that they insist that I only let them borrow the system, when I thought I was being quite clear that it was a gift.  Of course, I don’t expect them to use the thing forever.  Hell, they could sell it for parts tomorrow and that would be fine with me: the point was that I was saying here, take this shit and run with it, chuck it out the window, whatever, but it’s a gift, not a rental.

Anyway, that been the rundown for the past few months.  Notice the conspicuous absence of music talk.  The truth is, I’ve been playing a good bit in my bedroom, in between extensive sessions of sitting around all gothed-up underneath all my Robert Smith posters and daydreaming of being a rock star, but I just haven’t been feeling confident enough to sell myself into recording a new song, even though I’ve been playing with a few ideas.  I think it’s finally dawning on me that my method for constructing material relies mostly on madness and a sort of nonchalance (egoists call this confidence) that I find hard to muster up.  Plus, I just don’t think I’m as good as I used to be, and this is saddening. of course, deep down, I know it’s really all about self-perception (not that this knowledge helps in any way, mind).  I may not be Mozart, but I can beat the pants off a lot of people who make shit-tons of money just by talking about their preferred brand of Champagne.  The fact that I don’t really feel like a precocious genius anymore doesn’t preclude me from participating in something fun like music composition, but it is something I’ve got to be cool with to actually press that pesky “record” button, because, to paraphrase William Shakespeare and therefore slyly prove how goddamed smart I am, posterity is a bitch to a perfectionist.


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