Voodoo Economists, Assemble!

I don’t usually link to Firedoglake, because I sorta despise Jane Hamsher’s online persona (for completely silly reasons, but whatever), but this little doozie about financial regulatory reform really, well, I won’t say surprised me, but at least made me feel like I’m sure some Republicans felt when W came up with Medicare Part D.  (h/t to Balloon Juice, as usual)

Yeah, this is news, see, because at least this time it’s Dems who are screwing over the Dems, instead of Republicans doing the deed.

…Wha? Dems eat their own all the time, you say? Well then, nothing to see here, I guess.

I am starting to really believe that, even though we just barely got ourselves up out of Greatest Depression 2: The Quickening, the end result is just going to be some very specific measures which may prevent the same exact fiscal emergency (or may not, as everybody I’m reading lately is already pulling back on CDS regulation reform). Slap a band-aid on it and let the beatings begin, I guess.

But what of all these “systemic causes” that noone seems to agree on? Is there no such animal as an unbiased economist who can perhaps steer the country the right way? I was almost happy when all this happened, if for no other reason than this: I thought it would ultimately strengthen the economy and perhaps give liberal fiscal policy people a new lease on life, but I can see that this is not going to happen, although there are some people out there trying very hard to be heard. You know, GHW Bush was half-right when he castigated against Reagan’s BS as “voodoo economics”, but he didn’t go far enough.

All. Economics. Is. Voodoo.

Because if economists such as Mankiw and Krugman can both be considered masters of their field and be so far off from each other in their conclusions (and this happens all the time), then the only thing keeping a nobody like me from breaking in with my own “genius” ideas is a paper-thin veneer of plausibility which one can easily acquire at any reasonably well-regarded University. Fuck all these assholes. If the Republicans are in any way correct in their assessment that we have too many “experts” and not enough “deciders”, economics would be the single field of study on which Republicans and I can find agreement.


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