Something Something and Auld Lang Syne

& so tonight comes baby new year, maybe yours can be a happy one, as can mine, although i think mine threw up on the carpet when he walked in the door, so i’m looking at it as at a startled deer would look at me, unbelieving and scared: the egg timer of the universe is rolling over again already.  friends do not let friends drunk-blog, but tonight precludes all possibility of proper thinking, the holiday being what is, and the rules can thus be ignored for a night.

i should be happy, my wife has a job after way too long waiting.  nonetheless i feel melancholy, ambivalent at best, because things are about to change.  jeannie is going to work again, and therefore i am going back to school.  the degree i should have gotten ten years ago is now upon me. five years ago, i was willing but not able, now it is the opposite.  in this life we never quite know what the best choice is, do we?  the most important thing i’ve learned in the past five years is just to do SOMETHING, dammit.

so anyway, do something, and i’ll do the same: in ten or twenty years time we’ll see how it all turned out.


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