Another sad day for Democrats.

Well, what can I say that hasn’t been said already?  Coakley lost an election that was basically a bulletproof win, simply because she thought it was.  (And possibly also because she sucks.)  How is that for irony?

This is unquestionably a pretty bad day for Team Demmy. Thankfully, I live in a very conservative area, in which several people know of my liberal leanings, and as a result I heartily welcome being beaten about the face and neck rhetorically by my conservative overlords.

What is the lesson that the people in power need to take away from this? The sadness of it is that there is no new lesson, save the old Molly Ivins standby that “you have to dance with them what brung you” (I say it here as almost a dirge), by which I mean that if you field a shitty candidate, how can you expect anything but the same kind of end result?

Even though Brown is very likely a less than optimal sort of guy from where I stand, at least it can be said that he was no slouch. Healthcare MIGHT be dead as result of this; it may not. I can’t say I was too excited about it anyway, but surely the people in Washington can see clearly now that NOT getting it passed is only going to make things stronger for the opposition? Can we at last agree, both the John Coles and the Jane Hamshers of the left, that what we really need right now is some solidarity in the party? It’s hard to believe that hard-left activism come 2012 is going to win anything but yet another righteous, but pointless, loss. I know we Democrats are famous for that but it’s time to do what the GOP does so well: concentrate on the contest as a contest, viewing the win as an end in itself. It is shallow, I know. But I think it’s going to be crucial, as is the complete and utter abandonment of any pretense of bipartisanship. That ship has sailed and sunk already.

Can anyone tell that I am rehearsing for what I am going to say at work tomorrow? Such concessions have to seem natural, dammit.


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