Tiny Review, Terrible Movie: 2012

A great big dread-filled NOOOOOOOO !!!! to anyone thinking of watching 2012. I watched it due to the famous Cusack Sentimentality Quotient, which of course affects all people of my age group who watched One Crazy Summer back in the 80’s. And really, even though he didn’t do a bad job with his lines or anything, you can only polish a turd just so much.

It was just horrible: overly long, common-sense-challenged, & boring when it wasn’t absolutely overdramatic. It was your typical Roland Emmerich movie, turned up to 11. I see no further avenues of action for Mr Emmerich here, so perhaps simply for that reason alone weshould rejoice for the making of 2012.  Once you’ve done the end of the world as an action movie director… not much left to do, is there?

Interestingly, I discovered that one can only see so many hundreds of people die horribly before one just goes a little numb. But apparently one CAN ignore many hundreds of plot holes and still release a movie expecting it to succeed.  (And I believe it did do fairly well, so great job, way to lower the bar, Hollywood. And that is saying something, as the bar cannot get any lower without a shovel and a mighty patient ditch digger.)

I remember watching Independence Day at the theater when it came out, and it was the same experience, basically, only without Will Smith for charisma, Bill Pullman for gravitas, and Randy Quaid for comic relief. If anyone is thinking of watching it, I won’t say don’t bother, because what do I know, right?, but I will just remind you that you can never have those 150 minutes of your life back.


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