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Badass of the Week

It’s probably just a sort of bizarre Apocalyptophilia that I have in me, but shit like this turns me on to no end. I mean, the brass of that guy!

Hiyo! Somebody just moved up a notch or two on the Hierarchy of Needs pyramid!

Yeah, so it’s not a very smart move at all, repeat: AT ALL, as I’m positive even sight unseen that the man can and WILL be wage-garnished as a result of this. But still… if you can’t get cramdown passed, and if you can expect neither the repeal nor the amendment of the bankruptcy “reform” law of 2005, and even the justiciary and the sheriff are coming against you (even though they don’t have to), I can very easily see how one could come to the same conclusion. A cornered rat has little choice but to fight, after all. Yeah…it might be wrong in the end, but you know what? Sometimes mental health trumps financial health.

Besides, I’d rather be poor with a bunch of cool stories than rich with nothing to show for it but a bunch of lewd toys.

h/t John Cole


What doesn’t kill you just makes you less alive until you are then dead.

Four days ago, my eldest son came down with some kind of stomach flu.  Imagine something violently unleashed from the dark sceptre one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and you’ll get an idea of what is has been like.  He got swept up in it from the neighbor’s kids; not to point fingers, but I absolutely forbade him to ever approach them again, and furthermore in the near future I shall endeavor to wipe them and all that they hold dear from the cup of the cosmos like so much refuse.  From the attitude on display here it can easily be deduced that we all ended up with the same virus, and it is the diametric opposite of a good time.

Most bothersome is not the acuteness of the symptoms, but rather the span of the illness as whole.   This thing has got legs, baby.  I am hopeful that when they come to collect our bodies for the mass grave, they will at least remember to board up the doors and windows on their way out.

Call me cranky (guilty as charged, herf derf!) but I can think of better ways to pass the time.   Oh well, the one good thing to note is that I have lost another four pounds since contracting this pestilence.

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