Saturday on The C.W.

This was a good read (caught it yesterday after work), and I think it is very much worth mentioning that sometimes, at least regarding foreign policy issues, the narrative given by analysts and reporters is the correct one. However, don’t take that compliment to mean that I think the media as a whole has much value (particularly TV-centric media). After all, there’s a reason it was a top five list, and not a top ten list, and that’s because nobody can afford the time and massive expense it would take to exhaustively research the other five examples of this accuracy in reporting in all of history.

After reading this article, I wondered: what is now considered to be the conventional wisdom on HCR nowadays? I can’t think of a better example of an issue that has been more topsy-turvy, whether in its public perception or in the story of its (possible) enactment.  I’ll mention this is the hopes that anyone else who may have heard it can confirm that I am not insane: NPR had a sound bite featuring Nancy Pelosi, who was saying in no uncertain terms that healthcare was going to be passed beyond all doubt. I forget the exact terms with which she presented her point, but you know that sound you can sometimes hear in someone’s voice when they are smiling?   It was running all through her voice during that sound bite. For lack of a better word, she sounded fucking PSYCHED (and relieved, but I may be projecting there).

I have been somewhat encouraged the last few days on HCR, but hearing that from Pelosi yesterday really kinda leads me to believe that she, if no one else, is pretty certain of how things are going to pan out.


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