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Yearly anti-Sports rant.


is there ever even maybe a three day period of the year when there isn’t a fucking sports bracket situation to put up with? go ahead, call me a party pooper. in return i’ll tell you i don’t give a rat’s ass but you can kiss it anyways, because you’re not the one who has to deal with this endless parade of sports teams, none of whom make my dinner, pay me money or give me a hard-on in any way whatsoever. i ask humbly (or not), what is the fucking point?, and again, can anyone point to a calendar and tell me when is the half-hour in which no sports season is active, because I am thinking very seriously of starting a cult, and that time period will be like our Easter-like time of renewal every year. & yeah, i have an SEC-level alma mater of sorts, too, for those of you about to mention that, and i don’t give a shit about it either.

::slowly comes to::


Shit, guys, I’m so sorry. March madness, man. March fucking madness. Does it every year.

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