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I like my hows, it make me feel dummer tho.

If you ever get a fixer-upper, prepare yourself for constant beatings about the ego.

We bought a fairly nice little house, built in the early 60’s.  As they say in the biz, it has some great bones, but needs some interior work to get it up to speed.  We got our loan approved and were moved in within two months, and it’s been great, more or less.  I do wish I had considered the occasional whiff of paper mill that we get when it’s humid – there is an International Paper plant just a couple or three miles away, which I really didn’t think would be a factor (note to future home buyers: don’t assume that environmental conditions apply year round) – but other than that slight aesthetic problem, it’s been a good deal, and it’s great to have some room to stretch your arms in a bigger home.

I’ve always been somewhat afraid of growing up, because I knew that once I started acknowledging my adulthood, I’d have to start doing SCARY CRAP.  I mean, it might not seem like much, but painting is a real fun time for an over-achieving perfectionist with no painting skill to speak of.  I’ve gotten better at it as I go, but on the whole I just wish I could afford to have someone else do it.  On the other hand, I hate giving away money when I could do the work myself.  I’m not that busy.  So, more than likely we’d be doing this stuff whether we had to or not…but it’s nice to have the option.

We are at some point going to have to start looking at re-doing the flooring in the kitchen and the dining room.  Now, I doubt it’s rocket science but it is one of those things, like all house improvement stuff where overall precision and muscle memory really are a big deal when it comes to getting the job done in a way that is satisfying.  I guess I need to get some extra tile (or whatever) and just practice cutting that crap up for awhile, because flooring is one of those things that if it’s not done exactly right, it’s exactly wrong.

Anyway, once you get a house, you can count on having a lifetime of stuff to do, unless it’s built to your exact specifications, and you have a groundskeeper, butler, and handyman.  But hey, if you have one of those, what are you doing reading this blog? Shouldn’t you be out taking over corporations or picking out gold-plated toilet seats or shooting a prostitute or something?


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