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Why did I figure it out only to find out it was too late? Is God such a prankster?

I have truly been recast in love by the one who was trying with all her heart to show me what love meant. But now I don’t think she loves me anymore, thinking that she would never ever find enough feeling in me to justify all her patience and caring. I was so hard hearted, I was even a mystery to myself.

But, people learn. I lost her. I feel the lack of her, and it hurts. Shes gone, and she’s irreplaceable, a precious person amid strange shadows and ┬áperilous fortune.

I learned to love from her. I think I taught her how to be hard hearted. And now we find ourselves at opposite ends of the same sphere of emotion, just standing there, waiting to be understood, and walking always away from each other.

I’ve got to figure it out. I want us to have each other, finally, without reservation, without regret, resentment, baggage. It may not work. It may drive me half mad. But she is all I want in the world. She gave me two wonderful kids. She took care of me when I was lost. Now I would like a chance to take care of her, if only I can keep faith in us, keep carrying the fire that existed between us, waiting for it to take us home to each other forever.

If ever there was a time that I needed wisdom, now is the time. I fear that it’s too late, but how could I not try my very hardest to make amends? If a person is really important to you, you just have to swallow the fear and get to work.


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