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Too much [lame metaphor]

We are all going down.

I am referring, of course, to the fact that the S&P 500 has hit it’s lowest percentage drop in………well, it’s lowest ever.   (The S&P Index wasn’t around for the depression, but even the DOW is on track for beating out the first year of the depression in raw loss percentages, as the DOW is down almost 50 percent from September 2007, when it briefly hit 14000.)

Daytraders, high flying entrepreneurs, IT people, office administrators………soon we’ll all be garbagemen, picking up what’s left from when times were better.

Except it won’t really happen that way.  And you know, it might be better if it did, because what we are essentially going to see once all the smoke clears from what has happened in the securities market is very similar to what we have today.  The stakes might be ever smaller…perhaps “the Donald” Trump will be reduced one day to showing off his new Trump Cardboard Casino Playset, instead of the real thing, but make no mistake…….the rich might briefly stop getting richer, but it will be brief, it will be underplayed, and it will be in the end but a preface to the next great widening of the class gap.  Because those who have ANYTHING left when this is all over will be the ones who had the most when it all began.


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