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Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

– Dr. Seuss

Yes, by the melodrama above you can probably tell that, yes, I’m leaving, but fear not this departing, gentle reader, for it shall only be a  few days.  I’ve decided that since my wife is off on her trip, I’m going off to see two old friends in St. Simon’s Island, GA.  Be nice to get away for a minute, though I already know there are going to be some consequences at work over this.   It’s just bad luck or timing, really, that I decide to go back down there during the busiest month we’ve had out of the past eight or so months.  But the plans are made and frankly, it wouldn’t be happening at all if my wife weren’t already out of town.  This might be the first trip I’ve taken somewhere on my own in, oh, seven years or so.  Scary thought.

So here goes……catch up with you later.


Quick update

Second take of new song here.

First take of weird other song here.

As to the first song, it’s really got potential but I just don’t think I’m ready to flesh it out yet.

The second song is actually kind of a retaping of an improv piece that my friends S, J, and I did years ago….it’s more or less just a sentimental favorite.

Anyway.  Have a good one.

With apologies to Seth

It’s all just a ruse.

My old friend Seth, who is also very good at singing words and playing sounds, and who I haven’t personally seen in well over seven or eight years or so, has a bunch of demos out there in the ether, and one of them came my way recently, which of course I have jabbered about before.  I had been impressed with several songs I’d heard and decided that one day I’d screw it all up by doing one of those long-distance collaborative things that we so commonly hear about in this Age of the Internet.  Well I finally got around to it this evening, and I’m pleased with the results, although objectively I’m not entirely sure whether I’ve made it better or worse, or just different.

But yes, it was was fun, and part of me is still extremely awe-struck that one in this day and aforementioned age is able to make music with someone from miles away, and have it sound this clear.  There is just so much we can do now with computers; it truly is a mind-boggling realization, if you take a moment to catalog all the small changes that have accumulated in the past decade.

note to self

possible name of the coming album:

Guitar Diet

Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Bruce Lee, in Enter the Dragon.

Meditation is kind of the topic for me tonight.  I recorded a song with meditation in mind.  It’s probably crap, as it’s not the sort of thing most people would sit down and listen to.  It’s too slow even for me to get into, but it was a great relaxing experience, and surprisingly easy.  You’ll know what I’m talking about when you hear it.

I hear the influence of two of the best bands ever in this one: Radiohead and Cocteau Twins.

Without reference to its overall qualitative value – because that is questionable – you’d think it would be a very hard song to do.  The words and melody for the verse are almost random.  Speaking of that, here are the lyrics (because I know my diction has always sucked):

my stamp upon it
damaged as you want it
i know the words as well as
i know the scene (2x)

another angle of view
like a heads up display
worn-down string for a brand-new candle

hands out front

lights up the dark (3x)

It’s just a plain odd progression of notes, and even though the words don’t mesh together very well, I find them revealing in the sense that a Rorschach test might reveal some hidden image, depending on the inclination of the viewer/listener.  I don’t know; sorry if it’s not your bag; it’s not really my thing either, but it was fun to simply sit down with nothing in mind and just rip out a song, even as an abstract exercise in harmony-making. It was great to give myself a challenge like that and actually see it through in one evening, because most of the time it takes me several days to put something together, even if I’ve been playing it and singing it for years and years.

It’s funny to me now, thinking back on the previous seven years or so.  I just up and left the whole music thing alone for awhile.  Probably went more than three years without even picking up a guitar, and without even very much liking for listening to music at all.  Imagine guilt must have been behind most of it, because I had such a hard time finding a decent job while my family sort of suffered through it, and while my wife worked the entire time.  It’s not that it would have caused trouble, my playing: I mean, I’m not about to go on tour or anything; hell, nobody around here even knows that I play at all.  So I guess it was just some psychological thing, really.  Well, for the moment at least, that’s over, and even though the change doesn’t fix all the other stuff that I’d change if I could, at least it’s a start.  A pretty good one, actually.

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