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Trust – REBOOT

If you’ve ever wondered what the Cure might sound like if led by Bruno Mars, now is your chance.


O Happy Day – a song for lovers


Trust – Take 5 – ??? – Profit!

I don’t know why I keep tinkering with this song.  It’s a great song, but why try to out-do the Cure?  I don’t know; I just know there is something therapeutic in coming back to it again and again.

Happy crying brothers and sisters.

Cure Song – Trust – Take 4

Aww yeah.

Cure song – Trust

Might like it. Who knows?

Refurb Song

Check it out –


Update – Nihilism Is All

I’m incredibly unhappy.

I’m not healthy.

I am unemployed.

I am overweight.

My ex-wife is dating someone else. She’ll probably try to move and take the kids in just a matter of months. It’s all come apart. I don’t know what I can do about anything. It was bad enough to have mental health issues. Or, to be an alcoholic and addict.

But all this too. It just seems like too much for me to bear.

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