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A post to cover the month of September, because I’ll feel like a chump if I don’t.

Gotta get in at least one post a month.  It’s funny how I weave in and out of blog productivity.  Almost like I have a life or something.  Almost.

I’ve been mired in Fall semester classes for several weeks now at ASU, here in awe-inspiring, historic Augusta, GA.  Man alive, it’s only two classes but it’s going to be harder than I thought to get all A’s this time around.  I’ve got two professors (make that one professor, and one BROfessor), both of them are relatively new adjuncts here, and both seemingly have the agenda of proving themselves to be hardasses in order to get better positions athe University.  Well, I can sympathize with their plight a little bit: I know academic life is a tough slog and is why even though I think I would be well-suited for academia, I’ll probably avoid the temptation just to keep things profitable in other areas of my life.  But I thought I could just BS my way through these classes and get As.  I think Bs are definitely doable with a minimum of effort, but in the paper I got back from my english class yesterday, dude actually called me out for having “an eloquent pen but not much to say here”.  He’s totally right, too!  I don’t have much to say because the part of the text I picked to expound upon was a crappy choice, and I can see that I’m going to have to choose more wisely next time.

Writing is such a finicky endeavor for me, and the main reason my posts here are so short is because I can easily get to this stage of narrative where even I don’t believe the bullshit I’m going on about. And if I’m getting to that point, I figure what’s the use of trying to get anybody else on board the tripe-mobile with me when there are better things to do.  Well, writing for school has proven to be no different, because I had to literally force myself to continue to write just to make the 1500-word requirement for the assignment.  I’m probably the lamest English major of all time, because even though I have a passion for good books and am a pretty strong writer myself, I find it fairly difficult to wrap me brainbox around the idea of Criticism as a Serious Pursuit.  Mayhap I’m not a Serious Person, and if so please forgive the impertinence, there’s a good chap; but I just think the best critics are people like Roger Ebert, who have been able to sythesize criticism and autobiography in such an awesome way that, in some of his finer examples of long form writing, Ebert is actually able to surpass the object of his criticism.  People who read Ebert will know what I mean by this, he is a master of the subjective narrative and I think in a hundred years, while we may not still care about James Cameron, we will still be reading Ebert’s reactions to him.

None of this is to say, “oh, if only they’d give me free reign, I’d tear some criticism up and have it screaming my name”, because I don’t think that’s the case.  I appreciate the fact that school is a structured environment where you sometimes have to do things you don’t necessarily find to be intellectually fulfilling.  I get it.  But passing over the noble arguments about ideal educational approaches, the hard truth is that my GPA sucks, so I have to start making some As in a hurry so I can get past the sins of my younger days, and it’s a tad discouraging to me that I’ll be upset if I end up with Bs instead.

I hope I haven’t jinxed myself by complaining.  I’m going to have to take a look at this post again in December.  If I end up with Cs I swear to Baby Jesus I’m going to cry bitter bitter tears.  Thank God for vodka.



Things are getting tough around here.  Am I just being a Complainy Smurf?  Sometimes I am sure that the bastards are grinding me down, and other times I’m convinced that I am just a simple pansy.  It’s certain that the whaaaambulance is on the street outside my door.  The question is, did I call it?

Well, first of all, we are trying to buy our first house right now, which turns out to be an inherently stressful process.  We don’t have a lot of money but assuming our expectations are met for our tax returns, and with my wife’s hard-earned bonus money, we should be able to throw in a decent 5 to 8 percent down-payment.  But of course, we decided to buy a house during the last two months of the homebuyer tax credit, which means that if we don’t get the bid just right, and if things go just a little wrong with the inspection, there’s not much chance that we’ll be able to take advantage of it.  We can’t help how things turned out and consequently I do not go out of my way to blame anybody:  my job (while fun) is basically a dead-ender, my wife was out of work for what seems like a pretty long time, and we were pretty damn poor up until a few months ago.  Don’t go thinking that everything’s hunky-dory now, because it could all fall apart at the seams, but we’ve finally found ourselves in a position to get a small home loan, and we are more than ready to take that step.  We have a real need for the extra space that a home will give us, not to mention the improved location.  So we have no other choice but to leave this up to fate, to some extent.  It will work out, or it won’t, and that’s where we’re at.

Secondly, I am trying to finish my Microsoft MCSA testing requirements before May 10th, which is the day that I sign up for my much-belated junior year of college.  I’ve got to get that finished NOW, or else I’ll be piling on even more work for myself: trying to work full-time, do school somewhere close to full-time, while also trying to finish that one last test for Prometric.  It’s debatable that I can even handle the first two things;  adding another layer of work on top of that is just going to drive me nucking futs.

Third, things at work are changing.  I am reserving judgment on this until I find out more.  The short story on it is basically that my company is, for the time being (and hopefully only temporarily), under new management.  We are also getting some new people and I’ve been told that I’m going to have to be prepared to do some retail work again.  My job description right now is very flexible:  I do my work at whatever schedule I see fit, and if I have extra time in the day, I can use it to study, goof off, get other errands run, etc.  This has heretofore been a very good arrangement, and I was counting on maintaining the status quo as I registered for classes.  To now be told that quite possibly I’m going back to a 9 to 5 schedule is disappointing, even if it’s not quite a dealbreaker.    There are some other details to add which could complicate things even further, but that comes down to office politics, and I am not getting into that here.  I’m not Perez Hilton, ya’ll, shit.

Lastly, work today has reminded me of the futility of laying all these plans.  I got up for work with very little to do, and by the time I came home, I was shell-shocked with all the piles of work I still have waiting for me tomorrow.  Remember when I hinted that my schedule is awesome and laid back?  Well, the price I pay for all the downtime is sustained and completely overwhelming bursts of utter chaos.  I can go from expecting two hours of scheduled calls to ten in about fifteen minutes, and when that happens, there’s no one to back me up.  I am hoping this will change soon, but I have to be aware and ready to deal with the fact that because of the unpredictability of my day, work and school are sometimes going to be at odds with each other.

How does one deal with that effectively?  I hope I can make it work, because my past school performance leaves me with very little room to mess up.  My GPA is atrocious, especially considering that I’m more or less a smart person, and certainly capable (on my better days) of being a good student.  But this is why I decided to start on the summer semester, too, which I think was a good move: I’ll be able to deal with a more relaxed campus since most everyone will be gone for the summer, and I won’t be required to take a full load in order to get my financial aid to work for me.  With our only very recently improved financial status, I’ll be able to qualify for one year of grant money to go to school.  Better make it count, because it ends soon enough.

No pressure though.

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