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Fuck your “Kudos”

Obama: whatta speechmaker.   Kudos for excellent speaking ability!

And g-darn it doncha know, John McCain just picked Sarah Palin.  Kudos for necessary kowtowing!

Fuck your kudos and the tired Harvard horse it rode in on.  That is probably the single-most vile expletive ever devised by the sordid mind of man.  Could there possible BE a more trite term in all the multiverse?

Kudos trumps cunt ANY DAY in my book.  And my book makes sense!  It’s correct.

The worst word in the world.  Thanks be to God, no one ever actually says it out loud, or my head might expode.


Earnest Movie Reviews

I found this as a well-formatted Word document on my seven year old’s laptop today:


You guys should watch WALL-E today.

It is a love story of two robots WALL-E and EVE.

There is humans and robots.

The main robot and only is WALL-E.

The main human and only is Cap’n.

I can stand that movie that’s why I made a text about it and… this IS the text.

So you are not late yet get as soon it comes out!

(or download)

And then underneath, that, in very capable Powerpoint:

Hey guys!

What’s up mans?!

You have to see this movie called WALL-E

It is a love story about robots…

Pretty cool, huh?

Bye bye!

And then underneath that, in openoffice he had drawn up a little teaser of the movie:

drawn by the boy

all I can say is, if my seven year old can already handle multimedia, why can’t Mr. Millionaire down the street who literally pays me because he hasn’t been able to figure out how to eject a freaking CD.

showing my son how to blog

here is what blogging is all about

hell is a small paycheck

dear sweet & special diary,

not very happy right now. two things are on the mind: the financial ruining of our family, which doesn’t have very far to fall (but far enough that it still matters), and my own fall back into despair as a result of the former.

anyone here ever been through a psychotic episode?  extreme paralytic depression?  something even weirder?  well, i’m perfectly alright in admitting that i have; it’s been almost ten years now since i had a real-deal problem, one involving lots of drugs, health costs, therapy and time in bed and being completely out of whack, but its shadow has been chasing me ever since i first outran it and got back to being

(a somewhat-modified version of)

me.  i can feel it again but this time it feels completely environmental, like it’s happening solely because of the stress which lurks here all the time lately.

i had decided to start getting certified again in IT.  i had stopped at A+ and Net+, which are good certifications to have, but frankly i am rightly starting to feel limited by their narrow scope.   i know i need more – LOTS MORE – to get anywhere else in my field, so i started studying to get my MCSA.  well, so far studying has gone really well, even though I feel like an idiot for not committing to this sooner. anyway, all that is well and good, but tonight i finally faced the reality that no matter how awesome it might be that i am applying myself to get these certs, it doesn’t change the fact that we – my family – are heading for extreme meltdown far, far sooner than I had feared.  the bills are already piling up, and I am trying very hard not to panic but it’s getting harder because we will soon be at a much more difficult place than we are now – that place you get to, when not only do you have NOTHING, but you owe money for it as well.  where your existence is a drain on the rest of society.  where your kids finally start to notice that their situation is different – harder – than others’.

i don’t want to burden anyone with details, least of all this webpage that no one reads anyway, but the long and short of it is, my mind is a whirlwind right now. i’m just trying to arrange the situation in such a way as to keep it salvageable for us, because in all honesty even though i can’t figure it out, i can’t stop trying trying trying…and in my head repeats the phrase

before it’s too late

before it’s too late

before it’s too late

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