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Hello again world.


It’s been a long time, eh?  Lots of stuff has happened since my last post.

I got to Day 100, by the way, before I caved in and drank. Took more than two years to figure out I really needed to stop, and so I have stopped again. I’m nowhere near 100 days yet, but my will is a heck of a lot stronger than it once was.

More to come.




Breaking: Rush Limbaugh admitted to hospital for chest pains.

Yeah, I know this is crass as hell.   It’s a terrible joke, and I pretty much regret it already.  For what it is worth, I think Rush is a genius at what he does, and I wish him good health, but just like when he got back from his cochlear implants, and his drug addiction, and his weight loss attempts, I kept hoping he’d somehow find it in himself to gain just the slightest bit of humanitarian spirit: a small but definite acknowledgment, that hey, life actually can be unfair, that sometimes no matter how awesome you think you are, no matter how hard you try to work hard to avoid bad turns in life, sometimes fate can still drag it all down to shit.  This is the philosophical axis beneath which the progressive outlook turns, if I might be so humble as to try to define it thus.  But alas and alack, none of these things happened, though i wasn’t exactly hoping for a christmas miracle: just a little added perspective on things.  So sure, I do not question his influence and genius, and all those things that cause admiration among men, but why’d he have to go and be an evil genius, of all of the other paths he could have picked, with all the privilege that comes packaged along with all the ultimately meaningless riches he has acquired? (Meaningless in the sense that in the end you can’t take it with you, and that, indeed, it can’t even preserve you, not in any real sense.)

So if it’s all the same to you, I’ll hope for his recovery while also hoping that at the end of this thing, he might have a inclination to retire, if he’s going to keep being the bait man for the rathole that currently substitutes for our national political dialogue.

I Don’t Thaink I Like Yor Tone, Boy

said Joe Bob in the low-buzz of his grizzled fury, as he broke open the neck of his Natural Light beer bottle against the corner of the blue-tiled bar and brandished it my way, finally revealing the teeth of his argument.

I’m rethinking the parameters of the blog because

  • I’m bored with politics
  • I’m not exactly getting any real readership
  • I’m unsure how personal I wanna get with this thing; contemplating the proposition that I could just simply let it all hang out, even with my name exposed – I do have future employers to worry about.

Oh yes, one thing:  I passed my third MCSA exam, the 70-290 Server 2003 exam.

It was very hard, and I pulled a short-form adaptive exam (only 30 questions, yikes), which made it harder still but I scraped by with the equivalent of a C.  It might not have been the ace I was expecting but, frankly, I’m just glad to have seen the other side of it and to start looking forward to my final test.  I’ve only got until February 29th to finish the last one, or else I will not receive the discount I signed up for, so the next couple of months are going to be hurried and tense.

Will it be worth it?  I think at some point, yes, although this is hardly a employees market right now, and I have no desire to strike out on my own.  Still, one day I think it will lead me a little further up the chain.

More later, must drink beer.

Fighting them with Photoshop.

… part deux

Roll your own smart-alecky shit, why don’t you?


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