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How to Make REAL Art #1

I just realized for the maybe the thousandth time that I am a badass music making mofo.  And as a consequence of this fact, not only do all the ladies love to undress me with their oh so sexy eyes, but this music that I make makes me a true artist as well.

There are a  lot of things, of course, that makes this proposition so very very real to the world, but for me, the first thing that finally clinched the universal acknowledgment of my uncanny artistic eminence was the fact that I always give my songs impenetrable names.  For instance, I might write a song about my doggy who I love so very much.  Of course it is cute and only right to do so.  But then I will name it something esoteric like, “Scenes from the Lackawanna Six”.  (Sometimes I might even leave out the capital letters for extra credit, and, to heighten the sense of drama that I am epically conveying to you, awestruck listener. You’re welcome.)  The song won’t have anything to do with Lackawanna, nor will it involve terrorist plots.  It will be about my dog!  Do you see!  Do you?

Anyway, I made a new song tonight. Yes I did, but it is not ready yet, & even though I think I promised my many thousands of RSS readers that I would ALWAYS post every iteration of a song, I’m not going to do that this time.  Aren’t I scandalous?  Does this mischievous turn of mood not instantly put you in mind of a 60’s-era Van Morrison?  “Oh, go on, music man,”  you say.

Well you’ll just have to wait nonetheless.


Experiments with MIDI, day one

Well, I got my new MIDI keyboard a day or so ago  It’s great.  I made a quick atmospheric little ditty here (sorry for the tempo problems, I wasn’t using a metronome)  if you want to peruse:   LISTEN

So great to have some dynamic control over the notes now, and of course also to be able to see the keyboard in front of me instead of imagining one on my PC keyboard.  But more than that, I can tell things are going to start getting less folksy around here and more, er, whatever things turn into when I have a MIDI controller.  Honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen from here, this is new stuff for me!, but I like the wide horizon that just opened up when I plugged it in.

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