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In a world where FOX rules the media world, ONE MAN has the guts to stop them. But maybe he shouldn’t.

Remember, kids: all “In a world” blog titles must be read in the voice of Don Lafontaine or else you won’t get your money’s worth outta this mess.

This situation is sort of a tough call for me. It goes without saying that I hate FOX News, especially that smarmy fucking idiot Chris Wallace, who daily pisses all over his journalistic legacy.  But…….do we really want the White House going there?  I say NO! (& very forcefully too, much like John McLaughlin, at least as imagined by Dana Carvey.)  What? No?


Oh wait I mean


What I mean is, we have lots of websites, all of them very active, that are solely committed to debunking stupid FOX stories, to convincing their advertisers to pull out, among other things.  I admit that it’s all essentially a fruitless endeavor (because as has been noted many times, Murdock doesn’t give a flip about the money element of it) but it’s the only appropriate venue for airing these kinds of grievances.

I sympathize with the White House because FOX really has gone out of its way to subvert the national agenda.  The Tea Party march was almost solely organized by FOX themselves (or at least by their night-time talking heads).  But that doesn’t mean Obama or Dunn have permission to start a flame-war. (If FOX ever got openly seditious, that’s another story, but one would have to have a very high standard for what would be considered seditious.)

Now, why would I, Jason, named socialist devil, poo-poo on the parade of my hero, fellow terrorist Barack Obama?  First of all, this kind of conduct fucks with the decorum of the Office.  You can call me a stick in the mud or old-fashioned if you want: to my mind, decorum is what keeps the two-party system from erupting into a literal gang-war.  Secondly, I generally hate the slippery slope argument, but this surpasses my distaste; besides, once the State takes on the media, whether it’s justified or not, you have already slid down the fucking hill.  As much as I hate FOX News, the only weapon we have against them is the superiority of our philosophy and our culture, and to my mind, we are most definitely winning the long-term battle.


Happy things only.

My two year old son Corwin figured out what rhyming is last night.  He asked me for some cheese out of the fridge.  I picked up some, held it out and said “Now, what do we say?”

He said “Cheese, please……hahahAHAHAHAHAHAH!  Cheese please, cheese please! PLEASE! CHEESE!”

It was very funny even though it was almost 1 a.m. (he refuses to sleep some nights), especially since I remember how hard it was to get my older son to see the significance of things like that. (And if you’ve never done it, explaining exactly why a rhyme is clever is one of those very difficult first-principles type of things, the examination of which pretty much ruins the experience, like explaining a joke or a piece of art.) They are very different people.

re: Obama’s Nobel

We’ve let the right run the narrative for far too long, and the upshot is that we on the left now have to defend the selection of a few Scandanavians, whose collective hearts were certainly in the right place, if not necessarily their minds.  (I’m not saying, however, that it was a completely unwarranted choice.  If you follow the foreign policy steps Obama has taken lately – which admittedly doesn’t make for great headlines , hence the lack of coverage in the US media – you can’t be too surpsied by this decision.)  Like I said in another thread on another website, this just makes it all crystal clear to me whose side I’m on and who I choose to support.  I hope this event speaks to others in the same way.  You don’t even have to agree with the selection of Obama to see that the right is in full-on flame mode, and be completely and utterly ashamed of them for it.

Until they show some class again, I’m through with giving the right the benefit of the doubt.  Partisan mode, engage!

Further, and not necessarily to our benefit as a country engaged in a debate with itself, it also speaks volumes to me about the stance of the rest of the western world.  I used to honestly wonder what fresh hell would be brought by seeing this country polarize itself into complete chaos, and the response to this event has given me a nice taste of the things to come.  I just hope the Secret Service is has their game faces on, because I think they are going to have their work cut out for them from here on out.

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